Our event is the result of many years of volunteering hours invested in educating the local tech startup community. Together we grow stronger, enabling each other to build great things.

Why volunteer?

Get a behind-the-scenes overview on how to organize a large-scale event

Make new friends—starting with the Techsylvania team, up to the 4000+ people joining the event

Develop your current skills and new ones; never miss an opportunity to learn and experiment

Power-up your professional experience and CV with a diploma and practice certificate

Contribute to the community! You're part of it.

Main roles

The Smile Provider

You will facilitate the event access of our participants by verifying their tickets at the registration desk. You will receive and provide information about the event, its program and FAQ.

What we expect

You will have to prove attention to details, a friendly, yet formal attitude in interacting with all our attendees, staff members. Key qualities: punctuality and team spirit.

The Logistics Hero

Beyond technology, Techsylvania also means handling a great number of resources—furniture, decorations, equipments, accessories etc. True heroes not only know where to find all these items at all times, they are also the ones who carry and install them.

What we expect

Show us that you are well-organized and that you pay attention to details. Key qualities: punctuality and trustworthiness, a good physical condition.

The Tech Wizard

You will provide technical assistance at the venue. Key qualities: always keep the input & output in mind.

What we expect

We seriously need you to have a good technical understanding of handling computers and cables. Basic IT & C and networks knowledge is mandatory.

The Coffee Master

Coffee breaks represent one the most important part of the day. You will make sure that everyone is energized during the event. Key skills: smiling and caring.

What we expect

We are looking for a detail-oriented team player. Offer coffee the way you’d like to receive it.

The Lookout Brigade

They are the volunteers who make sure whoever needs to enter at a side event is present, and who should not enter, is not. Key skills: punctuality and diplomacy.

What we expect

To be able to say no to people with patience and consideration. You will direct the public and help create a flawless experience for our participants.

The Location Star

These are the volunteers that are making sure every day goes smoothly during the event. Key skills: receptive, organized, amiable.

What we expect

Make sure everything is going according to the plan from a technical point of view (microphones, sound system, lights), as well as logistically (the room is set, the location is clean). The availability to offer information and manage surprises is a must.

The Partners Helpers

You will help our partners to set up their booths; being reliable and having good physical condition is essential.

What we expect

Here are the volunteers that gather and offer all the information regarding the event. Excellent English skills are required.

The Communication Ace

Here are the volunteers that gather and offer all the information regarding the event. Excellent English skills are required.

What we expect

You have to provide any event information to our participants, clearly and patiently.

Who can volunteer?

The fast-learners, the curious-minded, the tech-friendly

People who identify with one or more of the above listed roles

Students, professionals, freelancers, creatives and makers of any kind