Dennis Vilović


Dennis Vilovic is an entrepreneur and global citizen – he has lived in 9 different countries on 3 different continents advising governments and businesses on how to increase operational efficiency using technology and data.

Before founding TroopTravel, he was supporting a global organization which had hundreds of meetings & events with many participants coming from all over the world. They were continuously struggling to figuring out WHERE to meet. That’s where he thought that there must be a better way – using data and technology instead of opinions – to help corporations to find the optimal meetings and events locations based on their specific needs. That’s how TroopTravel was born.

Today, TroopTravel uses Big Data analyses to identify savings and create accountability for large multinational companies by optimizing their meetings and events planning.

Since the outbreak of Covid19 TroopTravel has tripled their customer base of large multinational companies. In a world with Covid19, the question of “WHERE do we meet?” is a must for any meeting planner.

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